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Core value

Human resources: The team of Hung Vuong Auditing Company includes leaders and key people who are young but active and dedicated; therefore, it is believed that their competency, experience and cooperation, the contributory factors, would bring in success. Good team-playing is regarded as one of the governing principles within Hung Vuong Auditing Company  Family.

Tiptop services: High quality services are based on the Knowledge, experience, and flexibility. Hung Vuong Auditing Company, at all times, tends to work out better solutions, more practical solutions to any problems brought up by its clients. It is customers’ benefits that are set as the top priority so as to build up mutual understandings and strong beliefs between Hung Vuong Auditing Company  and its clients.

Integrity – obviousness - justice: Integrity stands as the essence of our business activities. The people of Hung Vuong Auditing Company are led to and kept to the standards of professional ethics which reign in their work and daily life as well. Such groundwork is laid in the relationships among our customers, partners and staffs. 

The Board of Management

Hung Vuong Auditing Company are administered by the leaders with excellent managerial and professional skills indebted to the years spent in the field of Audit, Accounting, Tax, and Financial Advisory in Vietnam and Oversea, who used to assume key positions in the most prestigious Vietnamese Accounting and Consulting firms and International Accounting  firms, 100 foreign investment companies, great corporations. Most importantly, many of those have been having a strong attachment to big 100 % foreign investment companies, corporations. Therefore, they have deep knowledge about the business of the companies, and they can advise and give effective solutions to the clients.

In addition, Hung Vuong Auditing Company has its own professional staffs that are toughly selected, to receive training and to stay updated the latest knowledge and news of Audit, Accounting, Tax, Finance and Securities. Every one of the Hung Vuong Auditing team is expected to develop a motivation, professional ethics, and to be aware of putting benefits of customers as a top priority. Hung Vuong Auditing Company strongly counts on any specialty which may be made by its expert team players.


Office in Hanoi: No. B12 BT1A, My Dinh II, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi
Tel: (84-4) 3787 1421/ 3787 1780    Fax: (84-4) 3787 1422
Hotline : 0914 375 380
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Office in Da Nang: No. 23 Nguyen Tuan, An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra district, Danang, Vietnam
Hotline : 0914 375 380
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Office in Ho Chi Minh: No. 196/3, Cong Hoa road, Ward No.12, Tan Binh Distric, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel : (84-8) 3948 3712    Fax: (84-8) 3948 3713
Hotline : 0989 43 6688
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